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AP Exam History

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AP Exam History

AP Exam Background

AP test also known as Advanced Placement test is familiar to many high school students.  Some folks also refer to this test as Advanced Placement courses and/or classes. The program is one run by CollegeBoard and, as the name suggests, the course work involved in these classes is at a more advanced level.

Through AP classes, you can start earning college credit at high school by passing the AP exam, and become qualified for advanced classes at college. Even though most educators would recommend you take the classes to prepare for those tests, you can take an AP exam without having to sit through an AP class.

Students that perform well academically are often encouraged to take these tests, as they’re an indicator of their aptitude for college level work on their applications. More students are taking the exam now than ever before.

AP Exam – Where did it all start?

Well, the AP program first began in 1955, right after the Second World War, when there was an ever increasing divide between secondary education and higher education. Two studies were conducted by educators to figure out a way to bridge to the divide. The conclusion this research reached was that there should not be any repetition in the courses taught at the high school and university levels. The studies also recommended that the coursework be rigorous and challenging throughout so students could apply themselves.

And thus, the pilot AP program was launched in 1952, covering 11 subjects. College Board took over this program in 1955. And ever since that initial year, the program has been growing at exponential rates. Since the 1980s, it developed a focus on enrolling low income and minority students in the AP classes. Today, more than 18000 high schools and more than 4000 colleges take part in the AP program, a far cry from 104 high schools and 130 colleges in the initial year.

AP Exam – How many Students are taking this exam?

Every year, around 2.5 million students take part in the AP program, and sit for the examinations. The number simply keeps on growing, and it is easy to see why this is.

For one thing, your college application is stronger with them, and it allows you to start developing college level skills before you even spend a day on campus.

Plus, it’s a financial investment. You’re earning college credit in high school at a fraction of what that same credit would cost you on a university campus. And finally, it allows students to challenge themselves on an intellectual level through demanding and rigorous courses so they get a taste of what studying at a college level will be like.

It’s a good idea to take at least 4 or 5 examinations in order to earn some serious college credit. It’s usually recommended that students sit through the AP classes in order to fully experience the benefits of the program. However, it is more than possible for you to pass the examinations through dedicated self-study. As long as you are serious about it, you only really need some good course books and time to study for the exam on your own. AP Study Guide has all the resources you can exploit in order to ace your examinations.