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Calculus AB Textbook

#1 AP Calculus AB TextBook

Calculus AB TextBook – 2017 – 2018

Pearson Education – Get 5 on your exam

PROS:  If you are planning to take Calculus AB and will be moving into Calculus BC, you might need to purchase more than one book. At first, we thought going with the Calculus BC book would suffice for questions for the AB part of the exam and for most people that should be sufficient, however, if you are doing both exams Calculus AB and Calculus BC, you can get by with just one book.

Keep in mind, some schools however ask questions from actual AP tests on these exam, therefore to prepare more thoroughly and to get more questions, it is beneficial and recommended that you get both Calculus AB and Calculus BC books. We recommend getting Calculus AB and Calculus BC books just to get more prep questions.

There is a lot of overlap in content in both the books by the same author. However, this is HANDS DOWN the best book from all the different groups in terms of questions, examples, preparation, etc. If you only buy one book, THIS (or the Calculus BC textbook version) is the one to get.

AP Calculus AB Textbook
AP Calculus AB Textbook

It comes with a good review of each unit, problems to practice for each unit and shows you the answers worked out for each set of problems. It also has 3 full practice tests with the problems worked out. We really liked that once you worked through them all you could find patterns of the types of problems to expect and how to do them. We feel that this book will prepare you better than any of the other books we have for Calculus AP exam.

We also recommend that you go ahead and take the CLEP exam.  The CLEP, has a slightly different “flavor” than the Calculus AP, so if you are considering that test in addition or instead of, we would still suggest this book and the books with practice CLEP tests.

This Calculus AP textbook still helps you better than any CLEP books in overall review but the CLEP books will help you prepare for the type of questions asked in the CLEP exams. The Calculus BC book, repeats content but adds the extra units with sequences and series and the few other topics scattered throughout such as parametric​ equations, etc.

CONS: The first practice exam includes some topics that are for AP Calculus BC text book and not AP Calculus AB textbook.

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AP Baron's Calculus Textbook
AP Baron’s Calculus Textbook

Barron’s AP Calculus Textbook

Pros: This is “HANDS DOWN”  the best book for studying for the AP Calculus Calculus AB and/or Calculus BC exams. We put this book at #2 ranking because it does very well and if you can get both books the one from and Baron’s, you are pretty much 90% there in term of exam prep.

Chances are you are going to be interested in both Calculus AP and Calculus BC exam, therefore if you are looking for one book from to cover both exams, this book does sufficient job as you don’t have to spend money to get different books. In this book you will get 4 practice tests for both the Calculus AB and Calculus BC exams.  This book is ideal for studying even when there are minor changes in the test due to the way  it is put together. You can always check the Calculus BC section of the book for additional missing materials.

The book also offers covers how to use the graphing calculators during the test, and it will show you how this can help you validation information and become even better in taking this exam.

With this book, you get 11 tests.  You also get 2 practice tests for each exam on a CD, and you get a bonus online practice test! So, if you are looking to get free tests to ensure you are ready for the test, this book is just what you need.

CONS: The first practice exam includes some topics that are for AP Calculus BC exam.

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