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Study AP Exam – Best AP Books

Best AP Statistics Exam Guide to Score 5: In-depth Reviews

AP Statistics Exam - Introduction

The AP Statiscs course is equivalent to a one-semester introductory, non calculus based college course in statistics. You learn major concepts and tools for collecting data and analyzing it to draw conclusions.

Students demonstrate their ability in four different areas including experimentation, anticipating patterns, exploring data and problem solving.

Students must have taken second year algebra before enrolling in AP Statistics AP Exam.

AP Statistics Exam - Overview

AP Statistics exam is 3 hours long.

Section I, consists of 40 multiple choice questions and you are allotted 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this exam.

This section counts towards 50% of your exam score.

Section II, consists of Free Response section. You will get 6 question and you are allotted 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this

section. This section counts towards 50% of your exam score.

You get 5 short answer questions and 1 investigative task.

20%-30% of the exam will cover exploring data — discovering patterns and departures from patterns in various data sets.

10%-15% of the exam will cover sampling and experimentation, which deals with the details of planning and conducting a study.

20%-30% of the exam tests anticipating patterns, where you’ll explore random phenomena using simulation and probability.

The last topic that covers 30%-40% of the exam is statistical inference, where you’ll be estimating population parameters and testing various hypotheses.

AP Statistics Review Books 2018 - Top TextBook Recommendations

#1 AP Statistics Exam - Text Book 2018

Barron’s AP Statistics 9th Edition

PROS: This book for AP Statistics exam offers 35 absolutely best exam hints that are a must read. With five full length exams that include practice tests, you cannot go wrong. With each answered explained, you can get better insight as to what you should study. 

You will progress much quickly and increase your chances to get 5 by going thru this book. A new review chapter also added highlighting statistical insights into social issues. Compared to 8th edition, there is a new chapter on the Investigative Task, which counts as one-eighth of the exam a 15 chapter subject review covering all test topics and, a guide to basic uses of the TI-83/TI-84 calculators.  Good book that covers best AP statistics multiple choice book section in detail.

Students who purchase this book will also get FREE access to one additional full-length online AP Statistics test with all questions answered and explained.

CONS:  Barron’s has had a history of containing errors and this book is no different. Overall, a great resource to cover all the material to prepare you for the exam.

Princeton Review AP Statistics Book 2018 Edition

PROS: Everything you need to help with AP Statistics exam is in this book by Princeton AP Statistics.  With comprehensive study guide and 2 full-length practice tests and detailed explanations, Cracking the AP Statistics exam is another good choice to get ready for your AP Statistics test.  

Like any other book from Princeton book, they know how to help you with your test.  With this book you get content reviews for all topics and strategies for every question type.  Online extras will help you to get additional practice drills at the end of every chapter.  

You also get to learn how to setup box plots, dot plots and other statistics graphs. Up to date information on the 2018 AP Statistics exam.  To score your chances of getting 5, you should invest in this book.  

CONS: The only issue we have is the number of tests provided and the questions seem to be slightly easier compared to Barron.  For full effect, you might consider purchasing both books.

5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics 2018 Book

PROS: 5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics exam provides easy to follow, yet detailed study plan to help you build the necessary skills to score high on your AP exam. There are two full length practice tests to help you score 5 on this test.  

We also like the fact that 5 steps to 5 provides very effective smartphone app.  With best ap statistics multiple choice book showing on your smartphone and daily alerts, you can stay focused and on track to take your test. You can customize this app to meet your individual needs. 

With super easy way to prepare for this exam, this book is an excellent choice.  You can program your phone to provide interactive questions and so on. This test is not easy, so be prepared for some serious time investment. 

CONS: This is a good book, but to really we found more value with Barron’s book followed by Princeton.  Great feature with this book and smartphone app connection make this book easy to study.

AP Statistics Crash Course

PROS: We like this book because it provides some great resources if you are in the habit of studying at the last minute. You can also use this to go over many concepts that you might have studied earlier during the year. 

With focus study material and topics covered precisely for the exam this AP Statistics Crash Course book will get you ready in no-time. You can read thru the book and then you can take a look at online resources and take advantage of full-length practice AP Statistics test. 

These tests not only prepare you for the actual exam, but they also assess your ability to manage time, by constraining you in a given time period. A great book to go along with Barron’s book. 

CONS: Even though, book provides great resource, we felt that practice tests are lacking the necessary details. Like any other crash course, there are missing details so hard to make complex connections. If you are just in the mood to do final revision, this book is for you.

AP Statistics Exam 2018 - Additional Resources

You are likely to need more than one book to get a 5 on your AP Statistics exam. Your success, however, depends primarily on your efforts.

They do a good job of providing with you some of the practice questions that you can take and gauge how ready you are for the exam.

AP Central – College Board  FREE Practice Exam

You can review some of the resources provided by College Board, so don’t miss out.

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