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AP World History TextBook

AP World History Exam - Introduction

AP World History exam is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college or university history course according to College Board. As part of this exam AP students taking World History exam review events and processes from 8000 BCE to present.

Given the feedback from summer 2016 survey conducted by AP History Teachers, College Board announced changes to this exam. Having said that, the biggest feedback was that there were too many areas to master for a student, hence you will see changes in 2018 exam.

In 2018, you will notice the exam has changed to give teachers and students more clarity.

AP World History

To be specific, section II of the AP World History Exam has changed to exclude synthesis point. In addition, students will get 10 extra minutes to respond to DBQ and long Essay question.

A single rubric will be used going forward that would provide more clarity in the future to earn points.

AP World History Exam is a popular, yet difficult to study AP TEST, yet students tend to focus on on this exam more than any other AP test.  With that we would share with you some AP World History exam details, you will find beneficial.  

We will recommend Best AP Books that are both easy to read (in terms of digesting information) and quickly prepare you for AP Exam to score the highest. We have selected precise collection sorted by subject to help you prepare in the shortest time period.

AP World History exam duration is 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

The AP Exam questions measure students’ knowledge of world history and their ability to think historically

Section I Part A consists of 55 multiple choice questions and lasts around 55 minutes and counts towards 40% of your exam score.

Questions appear in sets of 2-5 and includes texts, images, graphs and maps.

Section I Part B consists of short answers and you will be given 3 questions. You are allotted 40 minutes to complete this section. This section counts towards 20% of overall score.

Section II Part B consists of Short Answers and you will be given 3 questions.  

You will be allotted 40 minutes to complete this section and this section consists of 20% of your exam score.

You will be responding to 2 required questions and choose between 2 options for third question.  Check College Board site for additional information.

Section II Part B consists of Long Essay question.  You will need to answer 1 question and you are allotted 40 minutes.  

This section counts towards 15% of your exam score.

AP World History TextBook 2018

# 1 AP World History Textbook 2018

AP World History By Princeton’s – Best AP World History Textbook

PROS: If you are looking to get a good book that has at least has half a dozen practice tests then you should consider Princeton Review AP World History textbook.

Unlike Barron’s book this one is good if you are just wanting to review the information prior to actual test yet need more information than a crash course. With this book and a small investment you can potentially get 5 on AP World History Exam.

This book also have decent content, but really the big plus is the ap world history practice test. You will get a wealth of knowledge on understanding the actual exam.

CONS: We didn’t get too much negative feedback except that it doesn’t quickly incorporate all exam changes.

Barron’s AP World History TextBook

PROS: You can get best AP World History TextBook by Barron’s and that should pretty much cover everything you need in addition to the other resources we have listed above. Overall, this books is considered to be an excellent resource that will get you 5 on your exam and is truly worth the money.

You get to read large amount of content, which is everything that you are going to need for the AP World History Test. Also, you get wide range of different summation and tools to fit whatever you might need for this exam.

You get everything from quick read to in depth reading to provide you questions at the end of each unit to help you remember what you covered earlier.

We would describe Barron’s AP World History as two different books for two different type of students combined into one. We feel this is the book for you.

CONS: The only complaint we have received from AP World History students is that this book contains too much information, so if this concerns you and you already feel like you know quite a bit about ap world history exam, even then this is a good resource or opt out for AP World History Crash Course.

AP Free Response Questions - Official

I would recommend that in terms of AP World History test prep, don’t forget to check out previous questions that are available for AP World History exam.

Also, we have included AP World History Course and Exam description that you should checkout at least 30 days prior to actual exam.

To get a 5 on this exam, start studying at least 45 days before your actual exam date.

AP Free Response Questions - Official

AP World History

Here are some amazing videos and clips for you, which should include some documentary links.

You can also see entertaining yet educational sites that will provide AP World History information on YouTube.

Soft Schools

I believe this a great resource.  You can see quizzes here that are quite diverse and it can be handy to prepare for AP multiple choice section.

Once again you can see nicely put together quizzes by AP theme and time period. Try them a few times until you get comfortable and start to score high.  This should give you a sense if you are ready.


McGraw-Hill provides a small sample that you can use.  There are only 25 multiple-choice questions and keep in mind they are not the most difficult ones, but nevertheless good for studying and getting ready fr the exam.

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