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Study AP Exam – Best AP Books

AP US Government and Politics exam

AP US Government and Politics Exam - Introduction

You must be aware that the AP US Government and Politics exam has been redesigned, and there are new resources available.

You should check out the updated AP US Government and Politics Curriculum Framework.

There are six different topics covered by the course, and studying them will help you get a good grade on the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam. These are:

·       Constitutional underpinnings of the U.S. Government

·       Political Beliefs and Behaviors

·       Political Parties, interest groups, and mass media

·       National government institutions

·       Public policy

·       Civil rights and liberties

AP United States Government and Politics introduces students to key political ideas.  This course is designed so students can learn to apply reasoning asses causes and consequences of political events.

There are not prerequisites for AP United States Government and Politics AP Exam. 

AP US Government and Politics Exam - Overview

You will have two hours and 25 minutes to finish the two sections of AP U.S. Government and Politics exam.

AP U.S. Government and Politics exam contains two sections.

Section I contains 60 multiple choice questions and counts towards 50% of your Exam score.  You will be given 45 minutes to complete this section. 

You are asked to demonstrate understanding of major concepts in policies and institutions.  


AP U.S. Government and Politics – Section II

In this section you will get 4 questions with 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete this section.  This will count towards 50% of your score. 

You are asked to demonstrate the ability to define concepts and explain or interpret content across political relationships and evaluate policy changes using examples from the course.  


To help you prepare for U.S. Government and Politics exam, we have created a list of reputable text and exam preparation books below.  

You will need to consult with these books to score a five on your U.S. Government and Politics test

AP US Government and Politics Exam - Top Recommendations 2018

#1 AP U.S. Government and Politics Book 2018

Barron’s AP US Government and Politics

This popular textbook for advanced placement students is a must-have learning material for those who want to secure a 5 on their text. It includes full length exam questions and answer keys, as well as explanations of the free response questions.

PROS:  What we like about this book is that it contains updated supreme court cases and the rubrics for scoring.  Book is written by a former AP US Government and Politics instructor.  You have the option to purchase a CD, which can be valuable as it would allow you to automatic scoring of multiple choice questions. 

This book also has tougher questions than what you might anticipate on the actual AP Exam. Very well organized layout and glossary of terms make this an ideas book to study for your test.  

CONS: Like any other publication, there are few errors but overall it does a pretty good job.  We thought some of the questions are same that you will see in classrooms. Also, book tries to cover too much information which is not relevant to the exam. 

Cracking the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam 2018

PROS:  This exam preparation book promises to give you all the resources for a perfect 5 on your exam. It is available in Kindle and paperback edition on Amazon. It offers higher level testing than the rest of the books, according to students who have used it. Designed for individuals who attend the AP class online and need extra help, it uses the same terminology as the exam itself.

Comprehensive guide to strategies and self-assessment.  In the new edition, they have added two additional exams and now you get to have best ap prep for US Government and Politics Exam with 4 full length practice tests in the book with complete explanations. 

Book is a lot more engaging with the 2018 edition.  You also get Access to learning portal online with interactive features with 1 additional full length practice test online. Book does good job of aligning with the course and exam material and terminology.  

We also like the practice drills at the end with tried and true strategies to help you overcome any challenges.

CONS: Book could have used some graphs to better depict Government branches etc., but over well worth the money.

5 Steps to a 5 – AP US Government & Politics

PROS:  5 Steps to a 5 is also a good choice to prep for your AP US Government and Politics exam. This book provides effective study plan to build the skills necessary to score 5 on your AP exam. We believe the book matches well with exam objectives.
One thing we like is the number of full length practice tests with this book. You will have access to 4 AP US Government and Politics exams via textbook, however, the remaining three tests are available online. With each test, you can get detailed answers and lot of other information.
We feel that if you need more practice tests, this is a good book, but overall we still feel that Princeton’s book would prepare you better.

CONS: We feel that this book overloads the user with definitions to memorize.  Also, reads more like short guide than a complete book. Overall, still a good choice.  We think this book falls between Baron’s and flashcards or crashcourse.

REA Crash Course – AP US Government and Politics

PROS:  Crash course in general are good if you need to do last minute revision to brush up on concepts etc. If you are wanting to get a good review book that will prepare you for Advanced Placement US Government & Politics exam, then go ahead and get this book today. 

This Crash course would provide you revision of in-depth analysis of the AP US Government & Politics course and some actual AP test questions. It provides you just enough information so you can go thru this quickly. Go ahead and try to get this book with either Barron’s or Princeton and now you have a full set to work with.

REA’s Free practice exam also provides you an opportunity to further strengthen your knowledge. This exam is time-tested with detailed explanations and answers with automatic scoring. Also, if you are taking APUSH exam, you might be able to get away with just going thru this Crash Course, so keep that in mind.

CONS: This book has no index, but provides good outline for material. As a crash course, we felt this book would help you score 5 on your Advanced Placement US Government & Politics exam.

AP US Government and Politics Exam - Additional Resources

You are likely to need more than one book to get a 5 on your AP U.S. Government and Politics exam. Your success, however, depends primarily on your efforts. 

There are some nice pictorial representations of US constitution, so do glimpse at the following resource.

10 Minute Guide to the US Constitution

Do you have any questions?  Feel free to ask away by contacting team by sending an email at



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