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AP Exam – AP Music Theory TextBook

AP Music Theory Exam - Introduction

AP Music Theory exam covers topics which include information regarding musicianship, theory, musical materials and procedures.  Students wanting to take this course would demonstrate their ability to recognize, understand, and describe basic tonal music. 

In addition, students should be able to read and write musical notations, therefore even though there are no prerequisites for AP Music Theory exam, you are encouraged to have at least basic performance skills in voice or on an instrument.

AP Music Theory exam assess your understanding of musical structure.  This is done via recorded and notated examples, with emphasis being on listening skills. 

AP Music Theory Exam Information

You are allowed 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete this test.

Section I contains 75 Questions that you have to answer within 1 hour and 20 minutes and counts towards 45% of your exam score.

You are given questions based on analysis of printed music scores.

Section II consists of ~1 hour and 20 minutes as well and counts towards 55% of your overall score.  

You are given melodic and harmonic dictation with part writing from Roman numerals and figured Bass. 

AP Music Theory TextBook Recommendation 2018

#1 AP Music Theory TextBook

PROS: Nancy Scoggin has done phenomenal job of covering all relevant materials for AP Music Theory in this book.  With her vast experience as she teaches AP summer institutes throughout the Southwest region, she has met hundreds of students.  

In this book she covers in-depth preparation for the AP Music Theory exam.  It includes two full-length practice tests (both aural and non-aural).  All questions are answered and explained with helpful strategies that will come in handy while taking test and to score 5 on your Exam.

Additional CD that provides MP3 format for the aural section skill development is really icing on the cake.  

You can listen to it and practice with examples that will be handy.

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians (Book & 2 CDs)

You may also be interested in this practical and easy to use guide that is perfect for any musician.  This book is for anyone wanting to Pass AP Music Theory exam or someone that shows potential in a progressive knowledge of music theory, and is a quick learner. 

This book can really become your music teacher as it takes you step-by-step through musical theory. From Guitarists to arrangers and composers this book along with its CD can really prepare you for your ear training for your AP Exam.

This course which covers the subject quite extensively can be used to learn the essential of music through 75 concise lessons. You can learn to reach and write music with various different exercises and improve your listening along the way.  

Towards the end you can review that you have learned via assessment that goes thru all 18 units.  With answers in the back, we are sure you need this book to score 5 on your AP Music Theory exam.

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