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Study AP Exam – Best AP Books

AP Macroeconomics Exam

AP Macroeconomics Exam - Introduction

AP Economics Program offers two courses in economics which includes AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics.  AP Macroeconomics is an introductory college level course that focuses on the principle that apply to an economic system as a whole. 

Students learn to use graphs, charts and data to analyze economic concepts. 

There are no prerequisites for AP Macroeconomics exam.  


AP Macroeconomics Exam - Overview

This exam is 2 hours and 10 minutes long and measures you knowledge towards economic principles.

Section I, consists of AP Macroeconomics multiple choice questions. With 60 questions within 1 hour and 10 minutes, students demonstrate the use of economic content and reasoning across various different topics. 

You are asked to assess hypothetical situations. This section counts towards 66% of your exam score.

Section II, consists of 3 Free response questions.  You are allotted 1 hour with 10 minute reading period to go thru this section.  

This section counts towards 33% of your exam score. 

Students need to complete 1 long free response question and 2 short free response questions and demonstrate their ability to analyze unique scenarios.  

To help you prepare for U.S. Government and Politics exam, we have created a list of reputable text and exam preparation books below.  

You will need to consult with these books to score a five on your U.S. Government and Politics test

AP Macroeconomics Exam 2018 - Top TextBook Recommendations

#1 AP Macroeconomics Text Book 2018

Barron’s AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, 5th Edition

PROS: This book provides in-depth preparation for both AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics exams that provides review of supply and demand, theory of consumer choice, international trade and exchange, interest rate determination and so on. 

This book includes two full-length practice test, one in Microeconomics and one in Macroeconomics with all test questions answered and explained. As usual Barron’s provides good tests and the questions are good way to prepare for the exam. 

Since this book covers both AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics exams, you will have all the information you need to succeed. With these questions, you can really work on your areas that require improvement and with the explanations you beat those hard to avoid distractor questions on the test. We also like the fact that this books is concise and to the point, but don’t expect to cram everything from this book the night before your exam.

The author has done a magnificent job in synthesizing a challenging subject to a level that an aspiring student of economics can apprehend. If you spend the time to go thru this book, you are guaranteed to get 5 on your test.
If you are doing self study, this is the first book we recommend.

CONS:  Some important terms are left out or not explained at all. We feel that graphical analysis is slightly below par. If you have any basic Calculus background, we would recommend referencing the Internet for detailed analysis of important graphs.

Princeton’s AP European History Exam 2018 Edition

PROS:  Cracking the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams 2018 Edition by Princeton Review is another excellent choice when it comes to AP Economics Macro & Micro exam preparation. 

With this study guide you can count on getting 5 on your AP exam. With thorough content reviews, targeted strategies and 2 full-length practice tests (1 Macro and 1 Micro) and complete answers you can be confident in taking the actual exam. In addition, at the end of each content chapter you can get practice drills that will walk you through sample questions step by step. 

Princeton review books in general are targeted to get you a 5. With it’s efficiency, this book is also slightly easier to follow compared to Barron’s book, however the practice tests are not quite as tough as Barron’s. With the newest edition, you get more concise overview of the year’s subject matter. 

We also noticed that sections for this book line up well with the official CollegeBoard exam site. As long as you understand everything, you will score very well. BTW: the author is also the chief AP grader, so go FIGURE!

CONS: We found a couple of issues with this book. First, we felt that this book blurs the line between the two AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams. Second, practice questions look like someone just wrote them and never reviewed them again. 

We also noticed some typos and numbers that are incorrect. Overall, well worth the money.

5 Steps to a 5

AP Macroeconomics AP Exam

PROS: 5 Steps to a 5, AP Microeconomics introduces an easy to follow yet effective 5 step study plan to help you build the skills and test taking confidence. There is also online help available with this test to quickly get scores with four full-length practice tests. 

You get two tests with the book and two online and each test provides detailed question, study tips on how the exam is scored. Another positive thing about this exam is that you can study it via mobile device. You can also get valuable analytics to help you understand your weak areas along with some flash cards. We also like the new “5 minute to a 5” concise activities reinforcing the most important exam concepts.

CONS: This course is precise and we like it, but it doesn’t have the depth that you get with Barron’s or Princeton book, but still a good choice to get 5 on your AP exam. 

AP Macroeconomics Crash Course

PROS:  Crash Course for the AP Macroeconomics is based on in-depth analysis of the advanced placement Macroeconomics exam provides some actual AP test questions. Crash course for the AP Macroeconomics exam can help you get a higher score in less time, but keep in mind that it only covers the basic information and style is more like outline for revision purpose. 

Some of the topics covered include economic performance, inflation, unemployment and international trade and finance. We like the detailed question level strategies and answering both the multiple-choice and free response questions. 

Also, compared to Barron’s or Princeton, we felt some graphs, curves, laws and ideas in general were more clearly explained in this book. If you are shaky about some concepts, try this revision course to get certain you will get 5 on your AP Macroeconomics exam.

CONS: Good book but if you took the Microeconomics crash course, you might be slightly disappointed. Overall, worth the money and definitely would help you increase your chances of getting 5.

AP Microeconomics Exam 2018 - Additional Resources

You are likely to need more than one book to get a 5 on your AP Microeconomics exam. Your success, however, depends primarily on your efforts.

They do a good job of providing with you some of the practice questions that you can take and gauge how ready you are for the exam.

AP Central – College Board  FREE Practice Exam

You can review some of the resources provided by College Board, so don’t miss out.

Khan Academy

Take a look at some good resources from Khan Academy by clicking the link above.


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