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AP Human Geography Exam

AP Human Geography Exam - Introduction

AP Human Geography course is equivalent to an introductory college level course in the human geography.  Students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of system study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding and alteration of Earth’s surface. Students employ the use of tools Geographers use in their research and applications.  

There are no prerequisites for AP Human Geography exam.  Students should be able to read at college level text to take this exam.


AP Human Geography Exam - Overview

AP Human Geography Exam employs AP Human Geography multiple choice and free response questions in this 2 hours and 15 minutes exam.

Section I, consist of 75 multiple choice questions and last about 1 hour and counts towards 50% of your overall exam score.  

You are expected to define, explain and apply Geographic concepts.


Section II, consists of 3 free response questions and you are allotted 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this section.  

This section counts towards 50% of your exam score.  Students are expected to synthesize, analyze and evaluate geographical concepts to real-world examples.  

During free response section, you are expected to formulate responses in narrative form.


To help you prepare for U.S. Government and Politics exam, we have created a list of reputable text and exam preparation books below.  

You will need to consult with these books to score a five on your U.S. Government and Politics test

AP Human Geography Exam 2018 - Top TextBook Recommendations

#1 AP Human Geography Text Book 2018

Cracking the AP Human Geography Exam 2018 Edition

PROS: Written by the experts at the Princeton Review, this book will enable you to score 5 on your AP Human Geogrpahy exam. This book comes with detailed content review for all test topics and engaging activities to helop you critically assess your progress.  Provides two full-length practice exams with answers an explanations.  You also get access to a dignostic test to help you target areas where you need the most help along with practice drills for every contecnt review chapter.

The content is superbly detailed and simple and the practice test questions are realistic and helpful. With great insights into test and valuable concepts, we highly recommend this book.

CONS:  We noticed some minor errors in the answer key for practice tests, but overall well worth the money. Also, test questions are easier than what you would find in the actual exam. Recommendation is to supplement this book with REA Crash Course.

Princeton’s AP European History Exam 2018 Edition

PROS: AP Human Geography Book includes two full length practice exams with detailed explanations and answers so you can be better prepared for your AP exam. 

A diagnostic test is included to help you target your areas of weaknesses, so you can study those areas and be better prepared. You can purchase this book alone or with a CD-ROM that would provide you with two additional practice tests with automatic scoring. 

The book is formatted in a way that is easy to comprehend and includes many diagrams for the students to review. Key terms list towards the end make will help you do your revision quickly and to get you the 5 you deserve.

CONS: We noticed some typos, but overall fairly good preparation is provided by this book. Also, we noticed the exams can be more up-to-date which isn’t the case.

Kaplan’s AP Human Geography 2018

PROS: Kaplan’s AP Human Geography book provides good resource as well to pass the your AP Human Geography test. This book includes two full-length practice tests with detailed answers and a diagnostic test to provide feedback to you for the areas of weakness. We also like the glossary of key terms and concepts. 

You also get to take a look at Kaplan test strategies from students that have already scored 5 on the exam. Kelly Swanson with her experience in developing Human Geography has done a fine job.  

CONS: We felt that you can learn a few new things by going thru this book, but overall Barron’s and Princeton books do a better job. We recommend this as a supplement, if you can buy more than one book.

AP Macroeconomics Crash Course

PROS:  Another great resource for your AP Human Geography exam prep is Barron’s flash cards. These cards do a good job of covering defined terms and concepts on the backside of each questions. This set covers just about all the topics. 

These cards can be arranged any way you like to better suit your study needs. You can get them alone or with Barron’s AP Human Geography test prep manual. Either way, these cards are an excellent resource. You can go thru these cards a couple of weeks before exam and be better prepared.

CONS: The ring holding these cards is too small, but other than that fantastic resource to help you score 5 on your exam.

AP Human Geography Exam 2018 - Additional Resources

You are likely to need more than one book to get a 5 on your AP Human Geography exam. Your success, however, depends primarily on your efforts.

They do a good job of providing with you some of the practice questions that you can take and gauge how ready you are for the exam.

AP Central – College Board  FREE Practice Exam

You can review some of the resources provided by College Board, so don’t miss out.

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