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AP Art Exam- AP Art History TextBook

AP Art History Exam - Introduction

To Pass AP Art History exam, students will learn and demonstrate the ability to evaluate a work of Art through Critical Analysis by using intelligence and sensitivity rather than having their own opinion and rushing to judgment.

In order to achieve 4 or 5 on this exam, AP Art History Test would evaluate student’s ability to review and evaluate architecture, sculpture, painting and other media forms across different cultures.

AP Art History Exam Information

Students demonstrate achievement of AP Art History learning objectives by applying their art historical knowledge and skills to address course content.  

Students explore a specific set of 250 works of art in 10 content areas beginning with art from global prehistory and ending with global works from the present.

The AP Art History exam consists of 2 sections and take 3 hours to complete.

Section I consists of 80 multiple choice
questions that you have to answer within 1 hour.

This section counts towards 50% of your AP
Exam score.

In this section you have 8 sets of questions
(3-6 questions) based on color images and approximately 35 individual multiple
choice questions. 

II consists of 6 questions and you are allotted 2 hours to complete this
section.  Section II counts towards 50%
of your AP Exam score.  

You are
asked to complete two 30 minute Essay questions and four 15 minutes essay
questions.  Essay questions would include
images of works of art and text.

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AP Art History Book - 2018

#1 AP Art History TextBook - 2018

Barron's AP Art History

PROS: This book is essentially the Holy Grail for an AP Art History student.  You would be so delighted to buy this book.  This book explains everything you need to know WITH EXAMPLE IMAGES! 

There is so much more material that needs to be covered for this test that includes artists, artwork, periods, etc.  With this guide you get extensive insight into the works.  This book provides in-depth analysis of the works.  

Though the book’s size can be somewhat intimidating (being that there’s so much to read), it will help prepare you for the test incredibly well. It covers artwork during certain periods. 

No other text includes all 250 images along with responses that are more realistic for students rather than trying to respond at ART historian depth level. 

CONS: There are quite a few typos and some of the information needs to be looked closely, but we still recommend this AP Art History Textbook highly due to most updated study material.

Art History, Plus Timed-Exam CD-Software

PROS: You can get prepared for the test thru this book by reviewing the world of art from ancient to modern times. This textbook is based on the materials tested on the official AP Art History Exam. The focused review covers everything you need to know various time periods.

The book also includes two full-length practice tests based on actual Art History questions. Each practice exam comes with detailed explanations of answers for every question. This book would show you which answers are correct and why, so you will be better prepared for your test.

This book features some missing pieces from Barron’s Art History Textbook.  Good thing is that you use the included CD with this edition to do timed tests with instant scores and diagnostic feedback with detailed answers.  With automatic scoring and instant reports you can make faster corrections. 

CONS: In some cases book may be missing the CD, so make sure you check for it as soon as the book arrives.  Also, some students think that images are missing from the TEXT because of CD, but it this medium isn’t very interactive for some. 

AP Art History Exam - Resources and Free Exams

First of all go to College Board as always being that they are the official page, you can get some resources on their site.

You can review the latest exam as they provide some multiple questions and free response questions from previous years.  

Here is the the link:

College Board – Official Page

You can also review the practice questions from the site. Unfortunately, you can not see all the questions for this test at no cost, however, 30 questions are FREE.  

Once you have prepared for the exam, you can gauge how well you are doing on this site.  Just a word of caution that questions on this site tend to be easier than the ones you will see on the actual exam.

Need more help, checkout Varsity Tutors, they do a good job of providing lot of practice tests. 

Do you have any questions, feel free to ask away by contacting team by sending an email at


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