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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About AP Test Scores – Best AP Prep Books

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About AP Test Scores

The worst advice we have ever heard about AP Test is that these tests are not important.  A big part of getting ready for college is taking standardized placement tests, and no standardized tests are more important than the AP Exam and SAT tests. Let us explain .

Tthe SAT test is going to be a big determining factor in whether or not you are able to get into the kinds of colleges you are hoping to, the AP Test Exams are going to help your college or university admissions department find the right place for you to start when you land as a freshman.

Obviously, you want to do your very best when you decide to tackle these AP exams and AP Testing – and hopefully the inside information below really helps you knock the AP test right out of the park!

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Just how important are AP test scores, anyway?

True, the overwhelming majority of students (and parents of college-age students) focus primarily on getting the perfect SAT scores that they are able to land – but that doesn’t mean that the College Board AP scores you get on this examination are going to be any less important.

You don’t necessarily have to send your AP scores into a college or university when you apply the way you do with your SAT scores, but there will always be room on your official application to include the score and is certainly going to help you improve your odds of getting into the schools you are looking to attend while at the same time giving the admissions department a better idea of where to place you as you get started as a freshman.

AP Test Scores

How Important are AP Test Scores?

The AP test score you take may not be quite as much as a make or break situation the way that your SAT examination will be, but high AP test scores are going to be a huge bonus in your favor – especially when you are trying to get into a competitive college or university and want to be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Very selective institutions are going to want to get as much data about you as humanly possible, and providing them with high AP test scores maybe the knowledge in the right direction you need to get in over students that do not include high scores with their application.

What is a good AP test score?

Unlike the SAT scores, AP scores come in at a score between one and five, with five being the best score you can get (classifying the student as “Extremely Well Qualified”) and one being the lowest score you can get (classifying the student as “No Recommendation”).

What's your AP Test Score

AP test scores come in between one and five

Obviously, the higher you score on the AP examination you take the better off you are going to be positioned when it comes time to get into college or university. A four or five is the kind of score that is going to grant you the highest amount of college credit, and a three might get you a little bit of college credit – depending upon the kind of institution you are applying to become a part of.

Anything less than a three is something that you’ll probably want to avoid sending into the administration’s department. If you score less than a four, it might be a better idea to take the AP examination over again with a little bit more focus so that you can get a score that will really shine on your application.

How long are AP test scores valid for?

After you have taken the AP examination and received your AP test score you will be able to take advantage of that score and include it on any college or university application for up to four years after you’ve taken the examination.

This is why so many students choose to take AP tests as early in their high school career as their freshman or sophomore year, giving them the opportunity to retake the test (once annually) at least three or four more times if necessary so that they can guarantee that their best scores are going to be eligible for their college application.

This is certainly something that you are going to want to consider before taking your AP examination. Think about when you are going to be sending in your college applications and try to time your AP score to give you a window that is open enough for applications but with plenty of time to retake the test if necessary.

Is it possible to retake AP tests to get better scores?

You will have the opportunity to retake your AP examination as often as you like, though you’ll only have an open opportunity to take the AP examination during May every school year.

As highlighted above, some students choose to take the AP exam in their sophomore or junior year to give themselves ample opportunity to retake the exam at a later date – during their junior or senior year, if necessary.

Don't wait until your Senior Year to attempt your first AP Exam and to get your AP TEST scores

Don’t wait until your Senior Year to attempt your first AP Exam and to get your AP TEST scores

It is important to remember that every time you take the AP exam the scores that you receive will all be sent to schools that you apply for. Every single examination score you receive will be included, though your highest score will be the most prominent of the bunch.

What can I do to improve my AP test scores?

How can we help

AP preparatory examinations exists and should be taken advantage of by any student serious about getting the best possible score during this test. Online applications, mobile applications, and even paper tests can all provide you with enough preparation to feel completely comfortable with the kinds of questions that will be featured on the exam as well as the format of the AP test itself.

Getting familiar with the actual format of the AP examination is of critical importance. Standardized tests are always a little pressure packed, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable when you are taking an examination of this importance without being completely familiar with the actual fundamentals of recording your answers correctly.

Nobody wants to lose points on their AP examination because they didn’t follow the protocol to the letter, which is another reason why you want to be sure that you take advantage of preparatory exams before you dive right in.

How can we help?

AP tests are exams designed to measure a students grasp of a particular subject area. Passing one of these exams certifies that you have achieved a level of learning commensurate with that of a student who has passed college classes in the subject. 
If you’re in high school and are preparing for college, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a great way to go with earning college credit while still being in high school.
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