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How to Pass AP Test without Ever Being Stressed out? Best AP Prep Books

How to Pass AP Test without Ever Being Stressed out

Start Early and be Consistent 

We bring you some tips here that we have learned from our students while help them prepare for their AP Test without Ever Being Stressed out. 

It apparently goes without saying that there will be some frantic all-nighters in the weeks leading up to your AP test. Focus each day on learning what you need to learn that day alone.  Your network of friends can help you along the way.  The problem is that we don’t start preparing early on and then it seems like everything is piled on followed by the perception that we are being forced to learn a year’s worth of material in a few weeks.  

If you make a habit of putting aside only one hour everyday, you can become master in no-time and yes, no stress.

Review Frequently

This is an important factor that will help you pass your test with a score of 5.. Chances are whichever subject you have picked, your material will be cumulative and require you to look back at older aspects to understand. Most textbooks and study resources add review questions at the end of each chapter to make sure you’re keeping up on earlier units. Staying sharp on early topics also cuts down on the need for cramming and will very much help you to understand what you’re learning at the moment.

Pay attention

There are obviously going to be days when you can barely muster the energy/motive to get out of bed, try to look cute, and get to school, let alone putting effort into an AP class.  We would like to challenge you to push yourself and remember why you are taking your AP Exam. Take it easy all day if you need to; put on your comfy pants, zone out in your own world.  Just remember that when you make time to study for that AP Exam, kick into gear just for an hour.

It’s SO easy to fall behind when you’re not paying attention, and it’s way worse than not making the time to Study for your exam, because you’re expected to remember what you learned on the day of exam.  Go ahead, hate your life, just make yourself focus and you’ll save hours more of frustrating studying and believing that you don’t know anything.

Understand what works for you

Popular techniques like using flash cards, writing songs or raps, and color coding everything might help. Students color code everything, because they know that it would open different pathways in their brain and the more pathways you can open during studying, the better it would be.  Here is a link where you can read more, so click here.

Get help – in-depth review and other resources from StudyAPExam

We have spent numerous hours trying to put together best AP Exam resources for you to ensure you can score 5 on your exam.  There are popular tests like US History and Macro/Microeconomics flashcards and a Statistics training book from Amazon can make a big difference.  Start reading and understand the material.  Generally speaking, there are some good companies with good material like Barron’s and Princenton, but in some cases you may need more help, so don’t forget to check out what we have put together for you.  Also, we haven’t found better prices than on Amazon, so take a look for yourself.

Understand what AP Tests want you to know

This is by far the most important Tip and provides most useful approach! There are very clear standards for what AP Exam wants you to know on the test. As you inch closer, these standards get blurry and overwhelming and you start to think it’s impossible to know everything.

Stop and reflect on your standards. Even the craziest problems can be solved by reviewing and focusing on the foundations.  Those are things that you learned early on going thru your AP Prep Books.

These lines are especially confusing in complex subjects. Sometimes it would seem like there was always a trick question, but go back to the basics and see if you can answer those questions.  Remember, in the end you just to get the answer to the question right that is right in front of you.   

Clear your mind as you go through the AP Exam and use the knowledge you have accumulated on each question.  Don’t be overwhelmed or get confused as it is easy and remind yourself, YOU CAN DO IT!  

Just by taking on this challenge you are already ahead of the pack.

Study AP Exam

Our goal is to make you awesome and get you ready for you AP Exam.  So, make sure you check out our recommended books section.

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