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AP Calculus AB Resources

AP Calculus AB Resources – AP Practice Exams

Just like any other exam, it is possible that you get a 5 on the AP Calculus AB Resources.  In order to do that you should give yourself sometime and possibly start to study a month or two before the actual exam.  If you allow more time, it would ensure you don’t have to cram too much which includes long and frustrating nights.  We recommend that you start at least two month before your exam.

There are a ton of AP Calculus AB Resources available that you can utilize online to prepare for this exam, however, we would document the best we have come across to save you time.  The trick to ace the AP Calculus AB exam is to take as many practice tests as possible in addition to getting the recommended Calculus AB Textbooks.

You can get started by purchasing the recommended books provided in the AP Calculus AB Resources section and then by going thru each section carefully to ensure you understand the key concepts well.  Take a look at Princeton Review book for example that covers all of the drills in each chapter and then you also get 3 practice exams in this book that will prepare you well for the exam.

Similarly, definitely purchase the AP Baron’s book that will cover any gaps that were not covered by Princeton book to fully prepare you for the exam.  This includes 4 additional tests that this book offers which are different. Checkout our book recommendation section for more information.

Free Exams and Resources

College Board

College Board as always provides some good resources, however, keep in mind these resources are not as difficult as you will find them on the actual exam.  You can check out example questions that start on page 47 of the PDF document located here.

AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC Resource

you can watch the

Khan Academy

They do a good job of providing some good resources.  You should check out SAL work and example questions from the test. Also, make sure you watch the Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus videos on Khan Academy that will come in handy and can also be an excellent resource in providing better understanding of the recommended AP textbooks.

All in all you should spend around 50-80 hours studying and getting ready for the test, so you should start getting ready at least 2 months before the test.

Varsity Tutors

They provide good resources and you can get your hand on 3 diagnostic tests and 157 practice test questions, so make sure you take advantage of this resource.

Study AP Exam

Our goal is to make you awesome and get you ready for you AP Exam.  So, make sure you check out our recommended books section.

AP Calculus AB Practice Exam
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